Howick Scrap Metal is a passionate metal recycling company.  

Our main goal is to provide a recycling solution to help better our community and the environment, by assisting with a special service to remove scrap metal from farms, businesses and homes.

We enjoy finding solutions to our environmental problems, not only to recycle, but even to make use of what we have.

Have a look at the new additions in the second hand section.  Here we have added some new pictures of what we have accumulated during our removals. This in turn helps people in our community to affordably continue with their building, renovations and other projects.

New ideas have been uploaded to our upcycling page as well! This is for those of you who enjoy the idea of turning scrap into something amazing for your home or even to sell!

A new exciting section in our yard, as requested by our community, is our very own upcycling section. We are fortunate enough to have some very talented staff members who have been turning our scrap into zulu pots, braai`s, fireplaces and so on.  They are super affordable and a must have throughout the year.

Please feel free to pop us an e-mail if you can think of anything we can do to help improve.We love receiving positive feedback to help our growth in the years to come.

Our News

This is a great place to be for people who do not want to spend a fortune on new products for their new building or renovation projects. For our entrepreneurs out there making amazing art pieces from rusty jewels, this is the place to visit for all your materials. It may be junk to someone, but that piece of treasure you are looking for might be closer than you think!

If we do not have what you are looking for, we will keep our eyes and ears open for it.

We have such a wide selection of re-usable metals at our yard, visit our yard today and you will not be disappointed.

Click here for some photos from our seconds department

Second Hand Department

We have some very talented staff members who are currently spending their time on creating proudly local zulu pots, mini braais, fire places and so much more for such affordable prices.

Our Upcycling Projects

Steel cans may be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality as well as conserve non-renewable fossil fuels. They are able to be recycled into any steel product from bicycles to aeroplane parts. Using recycled steel cans saves up to 70% energy. This reduces the consumption of energy, the amount of raw materials being wasted AND lessons the emission of gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Aluminium Cans are recycled over and over again, in a true closed loop recycling process. There is no limit to the amount of time aluminium cans, can be recycled.  Just one aluminium can, gives us 4 hours of energy! However, if an aluminium can goes to the landfill, it will stay there for 500 years before it oxidises. Recycling USED aluminium saves up to 95% energy of primary production.

Aerosol cans are recyclable TOO!  They are also made of aluminium/steel. Please note their contents are under pressure. Therefore they need to be completely empty before  being  sent through the recycling process because pressurized gas can explode if crushed during transport or at the yard.

Can Recycling


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